Yes, it’s true, and I can hardly believe it myself, a B.C. comic taking up about 40% of my Comic Surf montage. But the heirs of Johnny Hart have been working hard to make it a FUNNY comic again, not always succeeding, but this one clearly earns an Olympic medal for “breaking the Fourth Wall”, (FPA) as gravity is the enemy of an attempt to do a vertical-format strip and the characters complain to the cartoonist. It looks like B.C.’s cavemen and dinosaurs world is one of genuine whimsy now, and not just an argument against Evolution. And old Johnny would never have done a joke like this (FPA).

Speaking of cavemen demolishing the Fourth Wall, the very silly (in a good way) and sentimental storyline that led up to Alley Oop‘s 75th Birthday in the funny papers had him meeting all the cartoonists who drew him over the past three-quarters of a century. (FPA) And the birthday party is still going on with Oop reunited with a dinosaur-load of past characters from his strip including… Will Rogers?!? (FPA) I don’t know when or how Rogers appeared before (especially since his real-life fatal plane crash was only 2 years after the Alley Oop strip began), but there he is again! And the big birthday is also providing an opportunity for Oop and Company to explain away a few things. (FPA) “…a fortunate side effect of time travel (is) that one doesn’t seem to age.” Yeah, sure.

BTW, those FPA links are to the Funny Paperless Archive of newspaper strips that are only available online for a month or less. Think of it also as a F***ing Permanent Archive.

One of my favorite dead tree comics, Over the Hedge, has been on a comedic roll lately, with R.J., Verne and Sammy (who has been upgraded to a primary character since Steve Carell played him in the movie) explaining the gas crisis (FPA), revisiting semi-forgotten past characters (FPA), letting their minds wander (literally) (FPA) and revealing Verne’s academic background (FPA).

That is quite enough from the dead trees. Let’s see what’s webbing…

You had to know that the Girls With Slingshots storyline about McPedro’s mustache running away would lead to this punchline. Especially since the t-shirt was available days before the strip ran. That’s an Oops without an Alley.

WIGU‘s test of faith is over and things appear to be returning to the status quo (and I will never think of scruples the same way again). Meanwhile Jeffrey Rowland’s Other Comic has just celebrated the Month of Crazuary (also known as Black Future Month), the month between Blogust and Pretenber. Well, I’m sorry, Mr. Rowland, but I am not even halfway through Blogust myself. (Blogust is the “On the internet no one knows you’re a dog” days, right?)

In the realm of unconventional comics formats, Bad Reporter has successfully dovetailed the Bigfoot Hoax and the Presidential Campaign (FPA), but I’m less happy with Basic Instructions‘ entry into the political process – or lack of process.

And an Excellence in Punchlinery Award goes to Greg Dean’s (Kinda) Real Life for “Well these RSS feeds aren’t just going to read themselves, are they?”