Oh. My. Godwin.

As I may or may not have said before, whenever 3 or more of the Top Twenty-some Webcomickers hit a common theme or subject matter, IT IS A TREND! Based on that criteria, we are entering a period of “Hitlerization” that would make The History Channel jealous.

First, the Goats strip is taking a break from its post-apocalypso jollity (with almost all significant characters accounted for – including the dead ones in an appropriately boring State of Limbo – except for Oliver, Toothgnip, Neil and Bob, am I right?) to take in a showing of one of the Adventures of Good Hitler (one of the most popular movie franchises in over 300 known alternate realities, am I right?). The credits alone are classic…

And we are now seriously into the action with a stunt J. Rosenberg admits he stole from Dr. McNinja. But really, is “bodyboarding” from space down to earth really the same as “bodyboarding” down a mountain slope? (The latter is more “body-skiing”, right?)

Ah, but not all Webcomics Hitlers can be Good. Diesel Sweeties (where robotmaster R.Stevens is dealing with the duldrums of doing ONLY 5 strips per week) determined the name for an “edgy” band that would be the most outrageous, offensive and yet also the most pun-tastic… Hitler’s Dick.

This is oddly related to a comment I made in my OTHER BLOG where my search for “porn Soundtrack Music” was hampered by the large number of bands that try to achieve edginess by having the word “Porn” in their name.

Now we get to the Third Hitler reference, which appeared in a guest comic for Dr. McNinja, which I would really like to show you, in spite of the fact that I criticized it on Twitter and in the Good Doctor Ninja’s forum. Apparently, my criticism was relatively mild compared to some others and either Dr. Hastings or his guest-artist, the lovely, talented, Swedish and controversy-loving (or so I thought) Rene Engström, creator of the Swedishly sexy soap opera strip Anders Loves Maria, decided to take it down, delete it, unpublish it, send it down the Memory Hole without an explanation that I can find anywhere (if anyone else knows where one exists, please let me know in the comments).

The strip showed (this summary is intentionally neutral and therefore less funny than the comic actually was) Dr. McN and sidekick Gordito going back in time to assassinate Hitler before he could start World War II and the Holocaust. Gordito was wearing lederhosen for no particular reason, except that lederhosen IS funny. They arrived to find Der Fuhrer alone and peacefully painting a picture and humming to himself. While McNinja watched unseen, Hitler then hugged a kitty and kissed a baby, making Gordito very reluctant to carry out the killing. But Dr. McN stayed strong and offed his intended victim off-frame (except for some blood and the crying of the baby who was still nearby). Returning to the present, proud of saving “six-million-plus” lives, they were immediately confronted by… a monstrously giant Rabbi and another giant Hassidic Jew towering over the city and terrorizing everyone.

I wont repeat the argument I made, but I thought my reaction was well-reasoned if a little bit overthinking-a-plate-of-beans (but I’m a long time MetaFilter member where we do THAT all the time). The comments in the McNinja Forum (mostly positive and encouraging) seem to be the only evidence the comic had ever existed, along with two clips from it that were used by commenters as avatars. One was the face of the “Monster Rabbi”

and the other, which I made myself (and since removed), trying to show that I still had a sense of humor, of Hitler happily painting.

And that would be the end of that, except that Kris Straub’s Starslip Crisis has since shown us how, IN MY OPINION, a “Killing Hitler” joke should be done.

Here are some other Hitler webcomics from the past I have located:
Irregular Webcomic #151 (Hitler’s Brain… a caption competition) One of I.W.’s ongoing stories is an Indiana Jones parody with Nazi villains and occasional Hitler’s Brain appearances.
Goats March 2005 (previous adventure of Good Hitler)
XKCD #29 (Hitler the painter)
Diesel Sweeties #536 (Halloween Hitler costume)
XKCD #261 (Godwin’s Law reference)
Questionable Content #1020 (more Godwin)
Subnormality #382 (more time travelers vs. Hitler)

And here is one that is SO distasteful, SO wrong, SO offensive, SO obnoxious, SO immature, SO stupid, SO humorless, SO lazy and SO badly drawn, Electric Retard Fag Art #0001 (you know what? I’m not even going to link that; the offensive/stupid title says all you need to know), that it will make Rene Engström breathe a sigh of relief and repost hers.

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