Almost anybody who is anybody in webcomics (who has a blog or sidebar to post messages in) participated in a big link exchange, pointing out three-count-em-three other webcomics which they consider worthy of linky love. Or sometimes four if the artist couldn’t narrow it down or has trouble with math. (This is above and beyond whatever “blogroll” lists of comics exist elsewhere on their sites.) Some are new discoveries, some re-affirmations of old mutual admirations, but all are recommendations that I think should be taken seriously (if anything in this web-wacky field of endeavor is). Where this idea originated I don’t know, but I fully support it and hope it’s repeated on a not-too-infrequent basis.

So who linked to whom? So glad you asked… (in alphabetical order)

The Adventures of Ellie Connolly linked to Clockwork Game, The Phoenix Requiem, The Rainbow Orchid and Gastrophobia.

Anders Loves Maria linked to Gastrophobia, Raymondo Person, Girls With Slingshots and Wondermark.

Diesel Sweeties linked to Sheldon, Gastrophobia, Gunnerkrigg Court and Kinokofry.

Dr. McNinja linked to The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, Chainsawsuit (plus a shout-out to Kris Straub’s other comics) and Gastrophobia.

Gastrophobia linked to Anders Loves Maria, Wondermark, Something Positive and Sam and Fuzzy.

Octopus Pie lined to Sam and Fuzzy, Boy on a Stick and Slither and Sheldon.

Overcompensating linked to Whubble, Ugly Hill and Little Dee.

Questionable Content linked to Ugly Hill, Gunnerkrigg Court and Schlock Mercenary.

Reprographics linked to Chainsawsuit, A Simple Apology and Sam and Fuzzy.

Sam and Fuzzy linked to Gastrophobia, Ugly Hill (and its current comic-within-a-comic) and Girls With Slingshots.

Schlock Mercenary linked to Chainsawsuit, Theater Hopper and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Something Positive linked to Anders Loves Maria, Gastrophobia, The Adventures of Ellie Connolly and Reprographics.

Theater Hopper linked to Kate Beaton, Octopus Pie and Girls With Slingshots.

Ugly Hill linked to Sam and Fuzzy, Overcompensating and Dr. McNinja.

Unshelved linked to My Life in a Cube, HijiNKS Ensue and Captain Excelsior.

Wondermark linked to Anders Loves Maria, Gastrophobia, The Adventures of Ellie Connolly and Double Fine Action Comics.

I suspect that some other ‘big names’ in webcomickery will be catching up with this meme later (some of them are busy someplace this weekend, I hear)

If you’re keeping score (and I know you are), Gastrophobia got linked an impressive 7 times, Sam and Fuzzy got 4 links, and Anders Loves Maria, Chainsawsuit, Girls With Slingshots, Ugly Hill and Wondermark received 3 links each.

If you’re just getting into webcomics, you could do a lot worse than to start with these recommendations. (And I am going to start my “Directory of Really Above-Average Webcomics”, the “DRAAW” with these…)