Everything’s Up To Date… NOT

I’d like to be doing the “Comic Surf” on an ever more frequent frequency, leading up to a possible future DAILY Comic Surf, but I am severely bogged down in the design phase of multiple projects, including an attempt to reformat the FP.com to give the ‘montage’ an 800 pixel width instead of 600 (which drops me directly into The Thing I Like LEAST About Comic Press)… stay tuned.

In the meantime, updating my recent “Below the Fold” posts:

As expected, a trickle of Big Name Webcomics has joined the “three (or four) links” meme. Okay, one.

Goats has linked to FChords, Gastrophobia and Sam and Fuzzy. This brings Gastrophibia up to an amazing 8 recommendations and Sam and Fuzzy to 5, leaving the pack behind. (Although, if the Goatherder had linked to Kris Straub’s OTHER new comic,it would be all alone in 3rd place… sometimes, diversification has its drawbacks).

There’s new action on the “Hitler meme” front too, from 3-time-linked Girls With Slingshots in the form of McPedro’s attempt at a replacement for his runaway mustache.

I wonder if he’s heard of Charlie Chaplin or Ron Mael either.

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