Hello to anyone who arrived here by typing Apparently, when David Willis posted today’s comic containing a fictitious domain name, he did not register that name at some $9 registrar (the one I use is NameCheap) and have it mirror his regular site. And I was fortunate enough to be the first evildoer to discover that and register the domain myself. Bwahahahahaha… So I am NOT the “blogmaster” depicted in that comic (although it does somewhat resemble a younger me, which I find a little bit eerie). This is a blog about all kinds of comics, paper and web, which tries to be positive, usually not even mentioning the ones that I feel “blow chunks”, but occasionally pointing out when a good comic does something bad AND when a bad comic does something good. But if enough people want me to ridicule Shortpacked daily, it’s not on my list of Favorites, so I could probably come up with something.

And would somebody PLEASE tell Ethan he’s not old. I’m 20 YEARS older than he is and still loving comic strips. Toys, not so much. I have bought a few action figures but only ironically, like when the Star Trek TNG series came out with the characters played by Whoopie Goldberg and Dwight Schultz. Who could resist THAT?

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