It’s coming together… the 950 pixel-wide format for the DailySurf “strip” is set up, the Funnypaper Les mascot is ready (I took David Willis’s blogger and literally turned his frown upside down), and some of there were some entertaining things happening in the big syndicate sites…

The New Adventures of Queen Victoria went “Meta” and MetaFilter noticed. Four days later, the cartoonist was officially out of ideas.

“Rubes”, one of the many post-Far-Side single panel sillies (but the only one done by an artist who lives in the same county as this blogger) does some good fourth-wall damage here.

Keith Knight’s “Knight Life” strip snuck away from his personal stuff to spend a few days with a new veteran (oxymoron?) and his mentor. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

And Scott Meyer, the Basic Instructor really should join the ranks of so many other web-based comic strippers and sell t-shirts. I’d buy “I’m With Embarassed” and wear it when I’m out alone just to mess with people’s heads.

More soon, now that I’ve got my $#!+ together, as they say in the funny papers.