Okay, Talk Like a Pirate Day is over, and the On-and-Off-Line-Comic World’s reaction has been rather underwhelming. Even Devil’s Panties showed a lack of swashbuckly enthusiasm. Irregular Webcomic, which has something like a two-year buffer, remembered the date this year. Medium-Large injected a dose of disturbing modern reality. Pearls Before Swine brought us a croc pirate (with obvious results). Cow and Boy not only had a character who got it wrong, but ran the strip a day late.

In other comicality, Bruno the Bandit has achieved a comics crossovers that may have been even too bizarre for Medium-Large. Savage Chickens proved once again that nobody can sell an old joke like Tommy Tofu. And the deeply pun-centric Get Fuzzy has come up with a trifecta – punny, nerdy and put-downy from the usually-just-annoying Bucky Katt.

Meanwhile, in real life, the endeavor to use Comic Press to give this Comics Blog a unique look has fallen into so many complications (including thoroughly fubarred navigation) I may have to pull the plug. So if this looks any more “unique” in the next few days, it’s just in transition to something less unique.