Yes, it’s back, but not the way it was before. I decided I was not going to do a comic strip blog if I was going to do it half-assed, so I got fully assed, prettied up the place a little, changed the domain name to the more obvious “FUNNYPAPERLESS.COM” and am prepared to blog til I drop. So, if you vame here via the auto-redirect at, please bookmark the new improved site.

It just seemed extra appropriate that I drop the ClownsAround title when I saw the ‘sneak preview’ of wishful webcomicker Dan “Imperator” Severn’s upcoming title “The Pleather Throne”. First, it’s a much more workable title than his previous attempt “The Armenian Caper” (which was about a small-time con with a talking cat joining a band of wackos plotting to rob Santa Claus – once he realized the story wasn’t going to play out in time for Christmas, it was time to try something else). But “Pleather” is a good silly word for a comic title, better than its synonym, Naugahyde, which would have had trademark issues, as well as the requirement that the cartoonist draw some Naugas:
Ah, the Nauga, one of nature’s most unnatural creatures.

But also the preview strip at Severn’s Pleather Throne contained an image that convinced me, once and for all, that relating clowns to webcomics was NOT a good idea.
Sev, you are a deeply warped individual, and I eagerly await the debut of your comic in January. In the meantime…