Time Flues

I am amazed at the multi-tasking abilities of Kristofer Straub. He is the mastermind behind the daily sci-fi/space-art-museum/satirical comic Starslip Crisis as well as the classic meta-comic Checkerboard Nightmare (now available in krispy kleenex!). He makes art and he does video podcasts and helps other people do their podcasts (“Listen!” Cue “Red River Valley”… You had to hear the ‘cast last night to understand). He protects the Blank Label Comic Cooperative from the brutal infighting between Howard Tayler and Dave Kellett (Don’t ask me how I know this). He is the Co-Writer Co-Executive-Producer Co-Conspirator Co-Dependant of the PvP Animated Series.

He dared the wrath of the RIAA, not once but twice, by quoting lyrics to “Rocket Man” (which placed him in indentured servitude to Elton John) and now “Come Sail Away” (maybe he thinks indentured servitude to Dennis DeYoung would be easier).

And now, he has started HalfPixel.com, a blog designed simply for the expression of his random acts of creative comickery. (Okay, maybe not that simply. He has apparently conquered the formitable challenge of really customizing a WordPress installation, something beyond the abilities of mere mortals like myself. I mean, look at this blog, and look at HalfPixel. At least mine looks better than Dennis DeYoung’s.) And he faces new challenges with the new site… like the fact that a blog from the author of Checkerboard Nightmare inevitably gets Google Ads from BlogChex.com (it isn’t even in “Beta” yet, it’s in “Alpha”).

Anyway, among his many funky fresh contributions to the general humorfare in HalfPixel, Kris has come up with a concept/format/running joke titled “Time Friends!” (click on thumbnails to see each of the 7 episodes so far)
tf001.gif tf002.gif tf003.gif tf004.gif tf005.gif tf006.gif tf007.gif

Yeah, they do kinda look alike, but that is the genius of it. But can anybody just fallen off the turnip truck walk in, take the strips and write dialog that’ll be as funny as Kris’? Let’s find out!

Hmmm.. Let’s try something slightly more sophisticated.


Hey, it’s easier than I thought. (“Listen!” Cue “Red River Valley”…)

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