First, let me throw in my support for “PvP the Series”, and specifically the voice of Skull. While not how I expected him to sound (I was prepared to hear a rehash of the big dumb voice from Tex Avery’s “George and Junior” cartoons), I liked it more. Lots more. And after about a hundred comments, when Scott Kurtz wrote…

Dino Andrade is the voice actor we’ve hired to help bring Skull to life. Dino and I have exchanged emails and talked about Skull and how important the character is to the series and the strip.

Dino’s daughter has been a fan of PvP since she was 11 years old I’m told. She was excited to hear her Dad is going to be Skull.

Dino told me that when he teaches his voice acting classes that he tells his students that they’re not just recording silly voices, they’re providing a soul to someone’s creation.

Dino’s wife, Mary Kay Bergman, was a very famous voice actress and provided the voices for all the female characters in South Park before her untimely death. This isn’t just a job for Dino and his family. It’s their craft.

Trust me when I say that Skull couldn’t be in better hands.

…I was very positively impressed. And I remembered the name Mary Kay Bergman and had a few fleeting thoughts similar to the 1500 words Eric Burns wrote in Websnark yesterday. (No complaint here either; I agree wholeheartedly with at least 1450 of his words)

One more aside about the Animated PvP: on this page, where they have the TV Guide-esque magazine cover, I can tell that the magazine underneath has the picture from the front of the second Starslip Crisis book (I’d recognize A2Z anywhere) and a half-covered title says “(something something): WHAT WENT WRONG”, but I am going to go crazy(er) if I don’t figure out the rest of that title… or maybe somebody who knows might tell me? But I digress.

Then, as I begin my daily webcomic surfride, I discover the four black squares on Irregular Webcomic. Now, I know that David Morgan-Mar is one of the true Iron Men of webcomickery… when he has done 1402 comics, it has been in 1402 consecutive days. So, I wondered what went wrong; why would DMM skip a day from his photo-Lego-comic revelry? But then I looked at the annotation he wrote underneath… that goes on for over 3000 words about Art Theory and the difference between “simple and eloquent” and “lazy”. And I realize that it probably took him longer to write all that philosophic bulls#!t than it would normally take for him to prepare one of his regular Irregulars. Yep, he’s still an Iron Guy.

Still, I had to wonder if his essay-length annotation might have been a parody of something in particular… like the long-winded posts on Websnark? (I know he couldn’t have been making fun of MY long-windedness; the weblog community has not yet seen just how wordy, how verbose, how loquacious, bombastic, grandiloquent, tautological and all-around circumlocutory I can be. But it will.)

Meanwhile, Joshua Fruhlinger, the Comics Curmudgeon, had gotten himself dead-tree published in my former local newspaper the Los Angeles Times with 1100 words on the state of the newspaper comics page. (And yes, I counted all the words of all three)

And Jonathan Rosenberg celebrated and/or survived the double event of his 33rd birthday and 2000th Goats comic with an epic vanity piece containing 13 panels, 10 cameo guest stars and 207 words in 27 word balloons. (YES, I COUNTED THEM.) After which, he resumes the storyline by introducing the most terrifying two words ever to be put side-by-side: “urethra weasels”. Because sometimes, you don’t need a lot of words to get your point across.