Mark Evanier is, and has been for eons in Internet Time, one of my favorite bloggers, partly by being a “Show-Biz Insider” who knows what he’s talking about (and the parts of Show-Biz he is the most Inside Of are Cartoons and Comic Books), and party by being a simply entertaining writer (he was singularly responsible for making the Garfield TV shows funnier than the comic strip… and honestly, it is).

Both qualities were on display recently with the following quotes:

upon recently visiting the Secret Lair of the Evil Garfield Empire…

Jim Davis is a gracious employer/host and we had a fine time, meeting and dining…and even hearing tales of Jim’s old college buddy at Ball State University, David Letterman. A lot of folks think Jim made his fortune by creating the world’s most successful newspaper strip but that was small change compared to what he’s made blackmailing Dave.

And on the subject of “What Hollywood Thinks”…

Hollywood doesn’t speak with a single voice. Heck, all the people who work on any one movie or TV show don’t speak with a single voice. I had the same agent for 27 years and we didn’t even speak with a single voice. The only people I ever met in this industry who ever spoke with a single voice were Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney.

That’s what I call “eminently quotable”. And you can quote me on that.