As this site bursts forth into full toonishness, there will be a section of links dedicated to webcomics (and the web presence of paper comics) and it will be organized according to update schedule, just as my personal bookmarks are now. Because there is no other way to keep up with the massive-and-growing numbers of comics worth reading (which isn’t just the GOOD ones) on the web.

That said, let’s run this up the wifi antenna and see who logs in…

9PM Pacific/Midnight Eastern (yes, I’m US-centric but even most of the best webcomics from other parts of the world schedule their updates between Midnight and Dawn in the USofA)

This Toothpaste For Dinner business card gag raises the question: “Business cards? Do people still use those?” I, personally, have had neither need or opportunity for business cards in a long time, but long ago when I did, there was a silly video bit with a man saying “Here’s my card” and handing out a card that said “MY CARD”, then saying “Sorry, wrong card” and swapping it for one that said “YOUR CARD”. I thought both were wrong and kept a few cards myself that said “HIS CARD”. Rarely ever got to use them. Nice of one of the purveyors of old jokes to remind me of that.

Okay, Brad Guigar’s supervillian/superhero satire Evil Inc. frequently stoops to punnery, but doing a mash-up of Star Trek (NextGen) and The Godfather (all gens) in service of an extreme groaner is cruel and unusual pun-ishment. (I think I need to point out, here and now, that my comics blogging is NOT Comics Curmudgeonly picking on the lame and stupid in the comics world; I’m blogging about what I LIKE… and I LIKE PUNS. You have been warned.

It’s tough to stay 2010-relevant, even if you were TOTALLY hip just a few web-eons (years) ago. So Diesel Sweeties gives us a Twitter reference, complete with the well-known but barely-tolerated ‘ReTweet’ symbol. Add a wryly-worded tweet pointing subtly to the comic and rstevens wins the Internet again.

So, what does it mean when Scott of Basic Instructions says to his comic strip wife “I never said I wasn’t weird… in fact, I wrote it into my vows,” and I think “I can relate to that.”

Sign of the Apocalypse #472: the often-deservedly-derided Ctrl-Alt-Del comic today is funny and makes a valid point AT THE SAME TIME. That’s why I include even comics I hate in my regular surf-list… just a lot less frequently than he ones I like.

more later…