Two things I love about the long line of cameo appearances in Sunday’s “My Cage” comic: the extremes in variety of comic styles (all rendered at least pretty well) and the comics they came from, some successful and/or familiar (not always the same thing), some cult or special-interest favorites and some just plain obscure, but all web-based; well, it is an Internet Cafe, even if one character is reading a newspaper.

The other thing I love is I was able to identify ALL of them, proving that I am indeed qualified to write a blog about webcomics (which Tooned.In will at least partly be, after it gets out of Beta).

From left to right:
Skull, the Troll from “PvP” by Scott Kurtz
The Space Pig from “The SuperFogies” by Brock Heasley
Steve (a guinea pig raised as a moose, therefore the artificial antlers) from “Pinkerton” by Mike Witmer
Dr. McNinja, eponymous star of “The Adventures of Dr. McNinja” by Christopher Hastings
Agatha Heterodyne, title character of “Girl Genius” by Phil and Kaja Foglio
Woo the Raccoon of “Sandra & Woo” by Powree and Oliver Knörzer
Clango Cyclotron, robot from “Diesel Sweeties” by R.Stevens
Coney, carnivorous bunny from “Kevin and Kell” by Bill Holbrook
Teenage Girl President, title character of a recurring TV show within “Medium Large” by Francesco Marciuliano
Max Terrier and Norman Platipus from “My Cage” by Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus (the host comic, ironically distributed by the Internet unfriendly King Features Syndicate who only let you see comics over 30 days old IF you pay $15 a year for ‘DailyInk’)
Gill, obvious star of “Gill” by Norm Feuti (which ended a 14 month run last year and deserved better, I agree)
and Zorphbert, space alien disguised (poorly) as a dog in “Zorphbert and Fred” by Dawn Griffin

Now you can critique the choice of specific characters (“Where’s Biff/Brock/Charles/Clovis/Clue/Cornfather/Dick/Digger/Emily/Ferd/Flaco/Fuzzy/Gav/Hannelore/Herman/Jinx/Kimiko/McPedro/Monica/Pip/Roast Beef/Schlock/Scott/Slick/Speedy/T-Rex/Tip/Weedmaster P?” [yeah, like King Features Syndicate is gonna let HIM in])

The above in no way is supposed to represent an even halfway-definitive list of Beloved Characters in Webcomics, but is just the result of a little obsessive behavior while doing my nightly ‘Webcomic Surf’. Which makes this as good a time as any to announce that when Tooned.In is officially released into the Wild Wild Web, it will include a pseudo-comprehensive catalog of comics online, organized in a way to make it more convenient for ME than my dozens of browser bookmarks and which should make it easier for other comics-obsessed web surfers. Stay tooned!