Think “Spider Pig” in the Simpsons Movie was ridiculous? Well, in a 2004 episode of “Justice League Unlimited”, Wonder Woman was turned into a pig and Batman spent most of the half-hour trying to find her and change her back, while “revealing feelings he has towards Wonder Woman” in the process. Which should be a very minor sidenote in DC canon, right? Apparently manufacturer of DC licensed action figures Mattel decided it was a big deal so they made and sold a “Batman with Wonder Pig!”. By late 2008, when one toy-blogger discovered it, the combo pack was already on clearance at Target for $4.99. Since then, like so many other generally worthless things, it has become a collector’s item (extra irony points for “Amazon Marketplace”).

Now the guy who wrote that TV episode, Paul Dini (who over the last 32 years has written for almost every Batman-inclusive animated series, plus some of the best – Freakazoid – worst – The Gary Coleman Show – most iconic – Fat Albert, Tiny Toons – and greatest near-misses – Duck Dodgers, Clerks the TV Series – animation on TV AND a first season episode of Lost) has just learned of the existence of the Wonder Pig “action figure”. His response (on Twitter in less than 140 characters): “I don’t know if I should feel honored Mattel made this, or ashamed. Oh what the hell, I’ll feel both.

Yeah, if you open up a paper encyclopedia to the entry “mixed emotions”, that would fit perfectly right there.