TOONED.IN is a newcomer (February 2013) to the field of websites about cartoons, comics and animation. I have previously written on these topics, but even more so, I have read many of the existing sites (and linked to them in my posting). This site is not intended to replace or even compete with them, rather to provide a consolidation/mix of material based upon my own personal taste and with my own exclusive additional content.

I do recommend:
Amid Amidi’s Cartoon Brew
Jerry Beck’s Cartoon Research
Mike Peterson’s Comic Strip of the Day
Gary Tyrrell’s Fleen
Josh Fruhlinger’s Comic Curmudgeon (but mostly as an example of what I DON’T want to do)
Alan Gardner’s Daily Cartoonist
Webcomic Alliance
Brad Guigar’s Webcomics.Com

Not centrally focused on The Fun Arts, but still containing frequent related content:
Ain’t It Cool News
Gawker Media’s io9
Mediaite’s GeekOSystem and The Mary Sue
Entertainment Weekly’s Cape Town (it’s new, still testing)

Much of the content here will be redundant to these sites, partly because I consider them valuable sources, but often because I will be racing them to publication.