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Fab Or Fantastic?

My weakness for mixes and mashups means my favorite feature of the Comic Book Resources site has to be “The…

Madness, I Call It Gladness Updated and Re-Updated

Enjoying the Basketball-Free March Madness

Where Gravity Falls The Legend of Grunkle Waldo

Of Gravity and Hoppity, Grunkles and Uncles

Strip Search? Not the show I’m searching for.

It has always been the purpose of this site to celebrate the best – or at least the pretty good…

Going Holly-Achewood

Hooray for Holly-Achewood

It Comes Up Three Lemons

As noted on my “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (and Trolls)” page, Mike Peterson’s Comic Strip of the Day…

Beyond the Underdog RIP: W. Watts “Buck” Biggers

Note: the graphic marks a link you can click to see video in a lightbox window here on the site….

I STILL Got Oscar’s Shorts!

Getting Oscar By Its (Animated) Shorts

Comedy Is Tragedy That’s Happening to Someone Else, Right?

Benjamin Dewey’s Tragedy Series is a sepia-toned, semi-Victorian-styled, often insightful and amusing-to-hilarious webcomic that illustrates some of the misfortunes, large…

Liveblogging The Lartist(Friday, Feb. 22, 5PM PacificTime)

No, that’s not L’artist as in “pretentious Frenchness”. That’s Lar-tist as in Lar DeSouza, the non-evil half of the “Least…

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